Frequently Asked Questions

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Are Air Ambulance Services covered by insurances?

Most insurance plans appreciate and cover Air Ambulance Services. It is important to check your plan to see that there is an air ambulance benefit. In some cases, it may be necessary for or expedient to use your credit card and obtain a health insurance claim form to be fully reimbursed.

Are ground ambulance arranged and payment included in the quote?

Air Ambulance Services arranges ground ambulance on each leg of your flight. This cost is included in your quote and payment.

Are you willing to provide proof of insurance?

Upon request, Air Ambulance Services Ltd. will provide client with proof of Insurance to meet the requirements of all United State Agencies and the The Commonwealth of the The Bahamas.

Can a family member or relative accompany the patient in the air and ground Ambulance?

Air Ambulance Services policy is to accommodate one family member in the air and ground ambulance on each patient transport without charge to that family member.

Does The Air Ambulance Service carry aircraft liability and medical Malpractice?

We carry the aircraft liability insurance recommended for air ambulance Turbo props fixed wing operators of $10 million for each aircraft. Additionally $1,000,000.00 in medical malpractice insurance.

Does the Air Ambulance Services employ a Medical Director?

All medical crews are required to practice under medical direction of a physician, referred to as the Medical Director. The Medical Director should be practiced in the care of emergency critical patient in the transport environment. Patient care or medical control may be directed by verbal order, written order or predefined written orders. If necessary, the medical team should have some method to contact the Medical Director during flight.

Does the Air Ambulance Services provide the required equipment and medication to conduct critical care transports?

Our Air Ambulance have the following minimum equipment in addition to Portable Medical Equipment:

  • One FAA approved stretcher and base for each patient.
  • A medical oxygen system with the capacity to transport a ventilator dependent patient from the transport origin to the destination.
  • 50 psi air compressor.
  • 2-115 vac/60hz electrical outlets
  • Vacuum Pump with adequate suction for one suction canister.
  • Portable O2, suction device required by the patient during the transport will be provided.
  • Portable Monitoring Device
  • Transport Ventilator
  • IV pumps
Does the aircraft configuration allow for safe loading and unloading of the patient without excessive maneuvering to allow access to the patient by the medical team during the flight?

All Air Ambulance aircraft are configured so that patient loading and unloading can be performed without the need to excessively maneuver the patient. The placement of the patient on the aircraft provides consistent access and monitoring capabilities by the medical crew so that the patient’s safety and health are the priority.

How can the broker’s price be less than the dedicated provider?

By hiring providers that do not meet quality standards, regulatory requirements and operate with minimal overhead, brokers can discount the costs. Always consider what the cost savings may have eliminated: such as qualified and properly trained medical staff, high priced medical equipment, adequate aircraft liability and medical malpractice insurance.

How much luggage can a patient take?

Luggage space on an air ambulance aircraft is very limited due to the medical equipment carried on board. Luggage is limited to one carry on soft sided.

Is the Air Ambulance Service an operator or broker?

Air Ambulance Service Ltd. is an operator holding an Air Carrier Operating Certificate. Air Ambulance Brokers refers to companies that broker transport for aircraft performing medical flights. They do not operate medically equipped aircrafts or employ medical staff.

Is the Air Ambulance Service Licensed?

Air Ambulance Service Ltd holds a current Air Carrier Operating Certificate issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and The Bahamas Ministry of Transport Civil Aviation Department (CAD) and a Foreign Air Carrier Certificate issued by the Department of Transport (DOT). We are licensed as an Air Ambulance by the FAA & CAD having complied with the EMS Standards for Fixed Wing Air Ambulance Services.

What is the cost of Air Ambulance?

Cost will vary depending the patient’s condition, the number of patients to be transported (1 or 2), mileage, time of day, medical staff requirement, domestic or International flight, or ground ambulance.

What are the training requirements for the air medical transport team?

All medical crew are appropriately licensed, certified in BLS, ALS, PALS and current in their specialty. All have training in altitude physiology, infection control and patient management specified by patient diagnosis. All air ambulance flights are staffed by two medical personnel. Medical control decides the appropriate staff and treatment. Our medical professionals are contractual, they work in a medical environment so that they are always exposed to updated training and intervention.

What are your operating hours?

We are available 24/7/365 to respond to your medical emergencies.

What documents are required to travel on an international air ambulance flight?

Everyone travelling on an international flight must provide Air Ambulance Dispatch with the following information prior to departure.

  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of Visa
What is the expertise of the Air Ambulance Service?

25 years of being a dedicated air ambulance operator , an unblemished safety record,  highly experienced pilots ,medical personnel, and maintence crew committed to providing excellent service

Where does your Air Ambulance fly?

We are located in Nassau, Bahamas and we provide air ambulance transport services within The Bahamas, Turks & Caicos and to South Florida.

Why is your service better than any other competitor?

We are the only dedicated  Air Ambulance Transport Service in the Bahamas. We have 25 years of aeromedical experience with a 100% safety record. Our response time, competitive pricing, attention to care and superior service sets us apart.

Will the Air Ambulance Service provide bedside to bedside care?

Air Ambulance Services Ltd. provides bedside to bedside service. Our transport team accepts the patient at bedside in the originating facility and delivers the patient to the receiving facility. Ground transportation is inclusive on both legs of the trip with accommodation for one family member.

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