AASLifeFlight Services

AASLifeFlight transports are available on a fee-for-service basis. We provide multiple levels of service to meet your needs. For an immediate quote, call us at 1-242-377-1606 (M-F 9am to 5pm) or 1-242-323-2186 (After Hours). You can also click here to fill out a form that will get things started.

How AASLifeFlight workS

From the minute you contact us, our team begins the process of helping you whether you need to request a life-saving medical transport, a ground transport, or are just looking for advice and answers. Here’s how we we work:

  1. Contact Us. We are here to help

    Call us: 1-242-377-1606 (M-F 9am to 5pm) or 1-242-323-2186 (After Hours),
    email us at [email protected]
    or fill out our contact form.

  2. We start the process

    As soon as we have been contacted, we begin all necessary coordination of your transport needs. If you need a medical evacuation, we will assist to coordinate:

    1. the transport between attending and receiving physicians, collect medical data, draft arrival and departure schedule
    2. the medical report and physician consent to release at the transferring facility
    3. verifying the receiving physician and bed assignment at the receiving facility
  3. Pre-flight prep

    We’ll organize the flight plan for your transport. This includes:

    1. Logistics: Patient, passengers, ambulances, passports
    2. Medical: Medical report, assign med team, briefing, supplies
    3. Flight: Schedule, assign crew, confirm itinerary
    4. Dispatch: Itinerary, flight plans, weather, permits
  4. Wheels up

    The AASLifeFlight team will pick you up, stay with you through your ground transport, take care of you in-flight and deliver you to the location you wish. We are committed to a fast and safe transport with a continuity of care.

Professional Service you can Rely on

We are fully accredited and have passed rigorous reviews of all areas of our service. This thorough process includes inspections, reviews of manuals and files, and examinations of many different criteria. Safety and Quality are some of our top priorities.