Multiple Levels of Care Available

Level I:

A special Trained Physician, one ICU Trained Registered Nurse/a Critical Care EMT Paramedic, a Respiratory Therapist and Flight EMT.

Level II:

A specially Trained Physician, an ICU Trained or Emergency, Trained Registered Nurse/ a Critical Care EMT Paramedic and Flight EMT.

Level III:

An ICU Trained or Emergency trained Registered Nurse/ a Critical Care EMT Paramedic and Flight EMT.


Neonatal Team, a Specially Trained Physician, ICU Trained Nurse/ a Critical Care EMT Paramedic and Flight EMT.

Our Air Ambulances are equipped with:

  • Aerosled Patient Transport System—Including Folding Ramp and Clip-Deck
  • In-Built Oxygen, Compressed Air and AC Power
  • Full Incubation Equipment
  • Portable “Eagle Impact” Ventilator
  • Zoll Model EMV and Portable Ventilator 731 Series
  • Portable Suction
  • Various Portable Oxygen & Air Tanks
  • Zoll X Series Monitor/Defibrillator with non-invasive Pacing technology and Masimo Pulse Oximetry
  • Fetal Doppler & Blood Glucose Analyzer
  • IV Infusion Pumps - IVAC (Alaris) Med System III
  • Cervical Spine Immobilization Devices
  • Full Range of Adult & Pediatric Splints
  • Extrication Equipment
  • Scoop/Reeves Stretchers
  • Various Other Medical Supplies Including Suturing Equipment, Catheters, NG Tubes, IV Cannulas, And Various Oxygen Masks All for Adult & Pediatric Transports
  • Incubator with Integral Ventilator, Propaq Monitor, Oxygen & Compressed Air Tanks.
  • Fully Compatible with Aerosled Transport System
  • Ambulance Transporter & Clipdeck
  • Fully Equipped Type III Ground Ambulances

Professional Service you can Rely on

We are fully accredited and have passed rigorous reviews of all areas of our service. This thorough process includes inspections, reviews of manuals and files, and examinations of many different criteria. Safety and Quality are some of our top priorities.