Multiple Levels of Care Available

Level I:

A special Trained Physician, one ICU Trained Registered Nurse/a Critical Care EMT Paramedic, a Respiratory Therapist and Flight EMT.

Level II:

A specially Trained Physician, an ICU Trained or Emergency, Trained Registered Nurse/ a Critical Care EMT Paramedic and Flight EMT.

Level III:

An ICU Trained or Emergency trained Registered Nurse/ a Critical Care EMT Paramedic and Flight EMT.


Neonatal Team, a Specially Trained Physician, ICU Trained Nurse/ a Critical Care EMT Paramedic and Flight EMT.

Our Air Ambulances are equipped with:

  • Aerosled Patient Transport System—Including Folding Ramp and Clip-Deck
  • In-Built Oxygen, Compressed Air and AC Power
  • Full Incubation Equipment
  • Portable “Eagle Impact” Ventilator
  • Zoll Model EMV and Portable Ventilator 731 Series
  • Portable Suction
  • Various Portable Oxygen & Air Tanks
  • Zoll X Series Monitor/Defibrillator with non-invasive Pacing technology and Masimo Pulse Oximetry
  • Fetal Doppler & Blood Glucose Analyzer
  • IV Infusion Pumps - IVAC (Alaris) Med System III
  • Cervical Spine Immobilization Devices
  • Full Range of Adult & Pediatric Splints
  • Extrication Equipment
  • Scoop/Reeves Stretchers
  • Various Other Medical Supplies Including Suturing Equipment, Catheters, NG Tubes, IV Cannulas, And Various Oxygen Masks All for Adult & Pediatric Transports
  • Incubator with Integral Ventilator, Propaq Monitor, Oxygen & Compressed Air Tanks.
  • Fully Compatible with Aerosled Transport System
  • Ambulance Transporter & Clipdeck
  • Fully Equipped Type III Ground Ambulances

Our Fleet

AASLifeFlight’s fleet is comprised of 2 fixed-wing aircraft. They are the Beechcraft King-Air 200B and the Beechcraft King-Air 90. These fixed-winged, medically-equipped aircraft are capable of short-range and long-range flights.

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