Bedside-To-Bedside Service

We stay at your side.

AASLifeFlight provides Bedside-to-Bedside service for our patients. Bedside-to-Bedside service means that the same medical team is always with the patient for every part of the medical transport. The team picks up the patient from their location and accompanies them in the ground ambulance to the airport. The same crew is on-board the aircraft taking care of the patient during the medical flight. Once they arrive at the new destination the same crew again transports the patient to the new medical facility or their home. We do this so there is continuity of care.

Our Fleet

AASLifeFlight’s fleet is comprised of 2 fixed-wing aircraft. They are the Beechcraft King-Air 200B and the Beechcraft King-Air 90. These fixed-winged, medically-equipped aircraft are capable of short-range and long-range flights.

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