About Us

AASLifeFlight is a licensed Air Ambulance Transport Service in The Bahamas. We have served citizens and visitors of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas since March of 1999. We provide fixed-wing air ambulance transport from bedside to bedside with access to emergency, critical and specialized care within the Bahamas, Turks & Caicos Islands, and Florida, which would otherwise be inaccessible.

What sets AASLifeFlight apart? 25 years’ experience, a 100% safety record, quick response time, competitive pricing, attention to care and superior service!

Our Services

Bedside-To-Bedside Service

Bedside-to-Bedside service means that the same AASLifeFlight’s medical team is always with the patient for every part of the medical transport.

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Air Medical Transport

AASLifeFlight specializes in Air Medical Transportation. Medical Flight nurses and Flight medics specialize in transporting patients from one location to another with our aircraft.

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Medical Ground Transportation

We are equipped with our own ambulances that are used to transport patients. This helps with eliminating time delays.

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Advanced Life Support Equipment

We are fully capable of transporting critical care, ALS and BLS patients.

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Our Aircraft

AASLifeFlight’s fleet is comprised of 2 fixed-wing aircraft. They are the Beechcraft King-Air B200 and the Beechcraft King-Air C90. These fixed-winged, medically-equipped aircraft are capable of short-range and long-range flights.

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Professional Service you can Rely on

We are fully accredited and have passed rigorous reviews of all areas of our service. This thorough process includes inspections, reviews of manuals and files, and examinations of many different criteria. Safety and Quality are some of our top priorities.