Our Fleet

Our Fleet Capabilities

AASLifeFlight operates two dedicated air ambulance aircraft in our arena.

These special medically equipped King Airs, on our commercial certificate, are versatile and fast Aircraft, capable of picking up patients in the islands and transporting them directly to major Centers in Nassau, Bahamas or Florida.

Our medical aircraft are pressurized and climate controlled and can accommodate one or two patients with two or four critical care medical personnel plus one family member. There are a Minimum of medical personnel on our critical care team for all flights.

Aircraft Quick Facts:

  • All our aircraft are flown by two pilot crew
  • A minimum of two emergency/critical care trained medical personnel accompany all patients on every transport.
  • One family member may travel with each patient.
  • One piece of carry-on luggage per passenger is permitted due to the limitations in the baggage area.

Our Fleet

AASLifeFlight’s fleet is comprised of 2 fixed-wing aircraft. They are the Beechcraft King-Air 200B and the Beechcraft King-Air 90. These fixed-winged, medically-equipped aircraft are capable of short-range and long-range flights.

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