King Air B200

A dedicated Beechcraft King-Air B200 for aero medical transport is known worldwide as the most versatile and rugged turbo-prop ever built. Our King Air B200 is capable of transporting two critically ill patients, two pilots, three medical professionals, and a family member. As a pressurized aircraft it cruises at altitudes up to 35,000 feet, which puts it above most weather, while still maintaining a comfortable cabin pressure altitude.

This King Air B200 is capable of transporting two stretchers patients in full ICU settings.

The interiors are fully provisioned with overhead medical service module to secure patient moitoring equipment. The aircraft is fitted with the Lifeport Plus patient care system. The King Air B200 provides ample cabin space to facilitate one or more transport sleds, seating for the medical crew, cabinets fully stocked with medical supplies, medical outlets (oxygen, vacuum, medical air, electric) ICU monitoring equipment, Ventilators, fluids, pumps etc., with the interior covered with fire retardants and anti-microbial materials to facilitate easy cleaning with normal cleaning agents and/or disinfectants, loading lights installed over the main entry door provides additional illumination of the rear lamp area.

The aircraft is equipped with:

  • A Lifeport Aerosled PLUS unit with its low profile for maximum patient access.
  • Oxygen, compressed air, suction, AC/DC power as well as storage bays, and drawers.

Beechcraft King Air B200 Specifications

Normal Range Max Range Cruise Altitude Max Cruise Speed Traffic Collision Avoidance System
920 nautical miles 1580 nm 35,000 feet 290 knots Yes

Beechcraft King Air B200 Capabilities

Patients Medical Personnel Oxygen Capacity Suction Air at 50psi 115 Volt Electrical Outlets
up to 2 up to 4 7,200 liters unlimited unlimited multiple

Beechcraft King Air B200 Passenger Capabilities

Passengers* Passenger Luggage Area of Operation
1 per patient 1 small carry-on Bahamas, Turks & Caicos Islands, and Florida

* Subject to patient care requirements

Our Fleet

AASLifeFlight’s fleet is comprised of 2 fixed-wing aircraft. They are the Beechcraft King-Air 200B and the Beechcraft King-Air 90. These fixed-winged, medically-equipped aircraft are capable of short-range and long-range flights.

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